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ALERT: As the coronavirus vaccine continues to spread, CliniCare ID  is committed to your health and safety. We are constantly monitoring the CDC, DOH, and WHO websites, and taking necessary precautions.

Everyone entering our facilities 3 years of age and older are required to wear a surgical or home-made mask.

In The News...

Significant events :

09/2020 Red Cross Medical Hero Award is presented to Dr. Tarak Patel, an Infectious Disease Specialist serving several hospitals in Augusta, for his work on the coronavirus and his extensive educational outreach to the community during this uncertain time. Dr. Tarak Patel was a constant source of valuable and credible information to the local news media, school systems, and community organizations who were all searching for accurate information on the coronavirus. While still maintaining his busy practice, Dr. Patel answered the call of many groups seeking his counsel in order to make informed decision affecting many in the community.


02/03/2016 Augusta Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Tarak Patel Breaks down Zika Virus - interview aired on WFXG news and website. Click here for the link to video and website


09/2014 Dr. Tarak Patel updated current events in Infectious Diseases at the 39th Annual Scientific Conference of Philippine American Medical Association of Georgia (PAMAG). More details to follow. Click here for the link to PAMAG website.


08/2014 Dr. Tarak Patel informing local community about Ebola Outbreak and addressing concerns in the CSRA community. Courtesy Fox News and Katy Solt. Click here to watch


08/2014 : Dr. Tarak Patel, Board of Director for GAPI(Georgia association of Physicians of Indian Heritage), discussing current charitable activities and honoring past presidents of GAPI. Click here for the link


04/2014 : Tuberculosis (TB) screening test could be positive in anybody based on their exposure. Dr. Patel discussing TB and screening test. Click here for the link.


01/2014 : Influenza (Flu) can infect anyone from infants to older adults. Dr. Patel discussing Flu season and severe cases in adults. Click here for the link.  


04/2013 : Sepsis kills thousands of Americans every year. Dr. Patel discussing sepsis. Click here for the link.


04/2013 : Dr. Patel discussing Flesh-eating bacteria. Click here for the link


09/2012 : Dr. Patel discussing West Nile Outbreak in CSRA. Click here for the link



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